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Simplifying Finance through Education, Expertise and Empowerment.

We provide valuable insights, personalized investment strategies, and private wealth management services, to empower individuals in the Westchester community to feel confident taking control of their financial future, reach their financial goals, and build long-term wealth, securing your financial future and legacy for yourself and your family.

Simplifying Finance

Educating and empowering you to make informed financial decisions to grow money and build wealth.

Grow Money. Build Wealth.

Optimized investment portfolios that maximize earnings and grow at a health pace with appropriate risk.

Personalized Plans

Feel heard and well understood by your financial advisor, who will protect your interests at every step.

Private Wealth Management

I make financial planning as seamless as possible for my clients, freeing you to focus on what you value most. Take your first step by providing me with the opportunity to be of service to you in a complimentary wealth check-up. Book your call today.

About Me

I’m Pat, the Founder of Larchmont Wealth Management and a Larchmont resident. As a financial educator and fiduciary advisor, I saw an opportunity to use my experience managing investments to empower individuals and business owners like you to feel confident achieving financial goals with investment strategies. I can help put together a plan that helps you get the most out of your investments.

I began LWM because I believe that financial planning and management has become inefficient in many ways. I intend to provide a better way for investors in my community to build wealth and protect financial security. With 20+ years experience as a fiduciary financial advisor in New York I have seen how challenging it can be for people to take control of your finances, whether you are trying to self-manage or dealing with a larger brokerage house. I’ve also seen how dramatically the future can improve by developing a personalized plan and then using it as the map towards your goals.

Larchmont Wealth Investment Playbook

Learn how to get the most out of your investments. Strategies and best practices for success.


I can help you put together a plan that puts you and your family in the best financial position possible. My services include:

Wealth Management

Fixed Income & Bonds

Retirement Plans for Businesses

Private Equity

Educational Savings Plans

Investment Academy

Investment & Money Hacks from 20+ years as a financial advisor in New York. Continue educating yourself on your investment journey.

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