Private Wealth Management: Financial Planning & Investment Services

Grow your Money! Let me show you how simple it can be to execute a financial plan that will build your wealth and protect your future. Together we will choose the tools and strategies that fit your needs and objectives, and I will help you implement a customized, fee-efficient plan designed to give you control of your financial future, and put you and your family in the best financial position possible.

Wealth Management Services

Wealth Management and Retirement Planning

I will work with you to map out the right investment plan for your family that will help you reach your financial goals. With access to a wide array of financial products such as Mutual Funds, Unit Investment Trusts, Bonds (Corporate, Municipal, Government, etc), Alternative Investments, Stocks/Options, and more, together we will implement solutions that fit your specific investment goals and style.

Fixed Income & Bonds

Fixed income investments such as corporate bonds, US Treasury Bonds, municipal bonds, and dividend-paying stocks can be a solution for you if you are in need of a fixed rate of return within a fixed period of time. 

Retirement Plans for Small and Medium Businesses

I will develop a strategy to help you use tax advantaged accounts to their full potential. From administration to paperwork and compliance, I provide full-service retirement plans with a high standard of fiduciary responsibility for busy business owners who are interested in benefiting from the significant tax advantages that these plans offer.

Private Equity

SternAegis Ventures is the management team within Aegis Capital Corp. that is responsible for venture capital and private equity financing. We are committed to identifying and financing ventures that can potentially realize above-average returns for investors willing and able to accept above average risk.

Educational Savings Plans (529 Plans)

A 529 plan is an investment vehicle that allows you to save for future higher education expenses for your children with significant tax benefits. Recent legislation expands the types of expenses that qualify and even allows for a portion of the funds not used for educational purposes, to be rolled into a ROTH IRA account for the beneficiary.