Deposit Restricted Stock

I regularly work with clients who have invested in private companies that have gone public and as a result have restricted stock that needs to be deposited.

Do you own restricted stock after investing into a private company that has now become public?

I specialize in assisting shareholders of companies that have become public (either through the IPO process or via “SPAC” merger) with depositing these shares into a brokerage account. This includes:

  • Obtaining legal opinion
  • Lifting expired share restrictions
  • Communication with transfer agent
  • Moving shares into brokerage account

With small or recently public companies, I believe it can be critical to have this process complete so that the position can be sold when desired. 

Share prices of small or newly public companies have the potential to be volatile and being prepared with shares in a brokerage account can be crucial; whether a shareholder is holding for a higher price or would like to sell immediately.

I also provide full independent research to shareholders to help them with managing these investments.

Frequently shareholders of small companies can be dependent on information from the bank that completed the IPO or Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) merger that brought the company public. I believe there can be bias in the information from the bank that completed the transaction to bring a company public or from the company itself.

It can be very difficult to gather and navigate information about small and recently public companies. Over the last two decades working as a financial advisor in New York I have built a network to gather an in-depth assessment of these types of stocks so that I can provide an independent, unbiased view for shareholders.

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Pat Haggerty

Pat Haggerty

Founder, Larchmont Wealth Management

I am Pat Haggerty, the Founder of Larchmont Wealth Management (LWM), and a Larchmont resident. I began LWM because I believe that financial planning and management has become inefficient for the individual investor and I intend to provide a better way for investors in my community to build wealth.

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