Larchmont Wealth welcomes Frances McKenna

by | Dec 18, 2023


This is Pat Haggerty with Larchmont Wealth. I am here today with a very special guest, the newest addition to our team at Larchmont Wealth, Frances McKenna. Frances, you are a longtime fixed income and bond investor. For over 20 years. That is an area that we’ve had just tremendous amounts of interest, because interest rates went from basically nothing to something almost overnight. I’m just wildly excited to have you on board, that you can help be part of this and help our clients make more money in this area. Thank you Pat, it’s great to be here. It is an exciting time for bonds and fixed income. We’re having rates offered to us that we haven’t seen in over 10 years. It’s a perfect time to get this partnership going, I think you’re going to be a tremendous addition to what we’re doing.

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