What are the Steps to Hire a Financial Advisor

by | Dec 18, 2023


What are the steps of finding and hiring a financial advisor? Step number one is to look around. You could look with family and friends for a recommendation, you could look on social media, you could look online.

Once you find a financial adviser that you’re interested in, step number two would be to do some background research. One way that you can do this is by going to finra.org which is the regulatory body’s website, and they have a feature called broker check where you can look up a broker’s registrations, a financial advisor’s registrations and some of their background.

Step three, I let people set up and ask me anything, which is a short informal 20 to 30 minute video chat where they can ask me any investment-related questions that they have. I ask them questions about themselves. We get to know each other a little bit.

Step four is a more in-depth conversation about what types of Investments I would recommend for their situation, and answering any other questions they have about myself or about the Investments that I would recommend.

Step five is deciding whether or not to proceed. If you decide to proceed at that point, it’s time to recommend specific Investments, go over those and then set up the specific types of accounts that I recommend. Those are the steps to hiring a financial adviser. Anybody that has questions about this, reach out to me at any time.

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